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submission guidelines

Here are a few things you'll need to know before your meme is posted:

Sending and Receiving
❤ Send a direct message on Instagram to @historicallywomens.c0m with you image attached.
❤ Make sure the image is attached as an image file (as opposed to the 'snapchat style' 24 hour instagram story attachment.
❤ If you are sending a tiktok or other video, please attach the video file rather than a link.

Caption and Credit
❤ Including a caption is welcomed but not required.
❤ Indicate if you would like to receive credit for the meme or if you wish to stay anonymous. If neither is specified I will go ahead and post with credit.

Crop and Size
❤ Square crop is the safest crop! If you submit content with a rectangle crop please check to make sure it fits within Instagram's posting dimensions.
❤ Submissions with multiple slides / photosets are accepted. Make sure each image is the same size!

❤ This page only posts original content to ensure fairness for all creators. If you would like to submit something you did not create you must provide permission from the original creator.
❤ I do not take down posts or delete comments unless the original poster requests their content be taken down. This is so that accountability is sustained throughout the page and allows us to learn from others.

My submission hasn't been posted yet?
❤ Your submission may go unacknowledged for 1-2 weeks. This is because your post is actually safest when I leave it in my DM requests! I've had Instagram delete 20+ queued posts in my drafts and have learned to sift through submissions about once a week, refilling the queue in batches. Once your submission has been added to the queue it may take another week before it is posted.

I will not post your submission if:
❤ Blatantly offensive for no reason and does not contain an opportunity for the community to discuss and productively debate.
❤ It does not follow crop guidelines.
❤ Contains content that is only specific to one school.
❤ Is a repeat of a previous post.


frequently asked questions

Who runs this account?
Hi... I'm Mary, MHC '19, she/her/hers.
I made this account anonymously in 2017. I'm not anonymous anymore...

What is a "historically women's college" or HWC?
I use this term to refer to institutions of higher education that, in the past, exclusively accepted female applicants. However today many of these same colleges have gone co-ed or adopted policies that welcome transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. Even those without formal policies are still home to students who do not identify as a woman. To say these spaces are exclusively for women is simply untrue. Therefore, a term like "historically women's" preserves the school's past while acknowledging its present and future student body.

Can I submit my own meme?
Yes! This page runs on submissions. Please read my submission guidelines before sending me your meme.

Why don't you include [insert college] in your posts?
Any student from any HWC can submit a meme. If you don't see your school well represented, feel free to submit content and I will gladly repost!

Who can join the Discord server?
Current students and alum of historically women's colleges! This includes any students taking a leave of absence, a gap year, and transfer students. Prospective students seeking admission at an HWC may also join. Historically women's colleges include the 7 Sister Schools (Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar (now a co-ed institution), and Wellesley) as well as other institutions like Agnes Scott, Spelman, Mills, Scripps, Hollins, and Sweet Briar, to name a few.

I submitted a meme but it hasn't been posted yet?
Unless your meme included discriminatory content it's probably still in the queue. I get a lot of submissions and try to check my unread messages as often as I can! Once your submission has entered the queue I will reply to your DM and let you know that I've either added it to the queue or posted it.

I disagreed with a meme you posted. Can I DM you explanation of why?
Well... sure? But most of this page is content via submissions, meaning I didn't make the meme nor does it necessarily reflect my values. When you privately message me about a meme I did not make it doesn't really affect me. If you feel strongly about a post I highly suggest you start a conversation in the public comment section. This way, more people can be educated on your perspective.

As a note, I would rather put out controversial content that gives someone an opportunity to learn and educate themselves and participate in dialogue than just quietly reject their content because it disagrees with MY politics. A lot of people tell me it is my job to filter certain content but honestly it is very exhausting to have to educate strangers on a wide range of topics when I myself am still learning. Additionally, my stance on certain topics should not be considered the end all be all. If you find a post to be "not empowering," you should definitely let us know why in the comments instead of expecting me to completely internalize your perspective. This does not mean I will allow blatant discrimination. I understand that some forms of violence are inextricably weaved into our social foundation and may manifest through microaggressions that the perpetrator may be unaware of. Some topics require may more nuance and I invite these kinds of productive conversations on my page. Furthermore, I am just not equipped to handle some conversations but I know someone else on this page could potentially be willing to offer their labor.

At the end of the day I am a singular person who runs this page for free. While I want to make the space as productive, safe, and fun as possible, it would be unhealthy for me to take on the task of educating my entire follower base on the complexities of any and every social issue.


What is the HWC Mutual Purse?
The historically women's college (or HWC) Mutual Purse is an initiative to uplift HWC students by pooling our funds for their projects, organizations, and survival.

Every Tuesday this account will feature a handful of historically women's college affiliated causes that are in need of your monetary support!

In the spirit of wealth redistribution and mutual aid, please donate and/or boost these requests - any size contribution helps! This will strengthen our community.

How can I get my request featured?
♡ Send a DM with your home institution, a link to any social media pages for the cause, a link to the donation page or paypal/venmo/cashapp info
♡ Include a bio describing (if applicable) your project, your org, your goals, basically any information that you would want our community to know about!
♡ Only submit on Mondays! If you do not follow this rule, your submission may get lost in my DMs
♡ Submitted must be affiliated with an HWC, request does not need to be HWC-related

Community Guidelines
What kind of content will be featured?
♡ Student organization fundraisers
♡ Conference / training fee relief
♡ Calls for emergency funding
♡ Personal requests (rent, medical aid, textbooks)

♡ All requests posted here will be cross posted in the mutual aid channel on our discord server
♡ I cannot guarantee any amount of donations :( But I do have hope in our community to answer the call!
♡ I am unable to collect funds on your behalf, please provide a way to collect donations (gofundme, paypal, venmo, zelle, etc).


or visit discord.gg/hwc

The historicallywomens.c0m Partner Discord server is affiliated with the instagram account, @𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐬.𝐜𝟎𝐦. Current students, alums, and prospective students of historically women's colleges are welcome in this community. Click the link above to enter the server! After joining, there are a few steps to complete before you are granted access to the rest of the channels. Make sure you read the rules and send a verification request in #verification !

How to send a verification request
The mod team wants to know a little bit more about yourself! Leave a message in the #verification with the following information:

Name and pronouns
HWC affiliation
How did you find this server?
A sentence explaining why you want to join this server

**note: you can only leave ONE message per 6 hours, so make sure all of your information is correct before sending your verification request.